Hengpin Introduce

Hengpin Interior Design is a company oriented towards “EPC” design, seamlessly integrating high-quality design services with site value. Facing future challenges, Hengpin utilizes an integrated design and engineering approach, employing a comprehensive design model. Leveraging the advantage of “one-stop turnkey management,” it translates demands into solutions, enhancing site value and energizing community vitality, ensuring the sustained vitality of the site.

With over 20 years of design experience, Hengpin has delivered numerous high-quality works in office, commercial, hotel, and upscale retail boutique sectors, garnering full recognition from clients. Hengpin boasts a team of professionals from various fields who, through diverse dialogue, creative thinking, and dedicated industry experience, continuously create higher value for clients and society. Committed to becoming a leader in the high-end interior design and engineering field, Hengpin strives to achieve this through its innovative approach.

Interior Design

Hengpin has the capability of bringing the most current building methodologies and technologies to each project based on its rich experience in design and construction. We provide superior designs and construction quality services to our clients in any location inside China at any time.

Project Management

Hengpin's management combines the US design & construction management system and local project experiences. We are able to integrate our internal disciplines, talents and experiences to ensure the orderly and organized progress of our projects. Guided by this system, Hengpin runs the business of design, construction, and partner factories with direct material and labor operation. As a direct result, Hengpin has generated advantages in quality, schedule and price.

Fit-out & Construction

We provide superior designs and construction quality services to our clients in any location inside China at any time. Our diversity and experience allow us to be sensitive to cultural differences, to communicate effectively with our clients, and to provide our clients with efficient and effective high quality solutions. Hengpin is renowned for its customer services and performances in the business and eventually wins the client’s trust through performance satisfaction.

MEP & HVAC Installation

Over 20 years experiences in MEP & HVAC design and installation, we are able to provide solutions to any needs, plus our fit-out service makes Hengpin as integrate service provider.

Great Our Client

Fangmeng Fan
Founder & General Manager